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The building management team of the Asia Tower aims to provide only the best living experience for the residents. For instance, the safety and security of the residents are on top of the priority list of the Asia Tower, which is why it employs a team of trained professional security personnel. This means that there are always a couple of guards posted at the entrances to screen the people who are coming in and out of the building. They make sure that no one gets in uninvited. The guards also routinely patrol the hallways, corridors, and all the public areas of the Asia Tower to make sure that the residents are safe and sound.

In case of fires, there are smoke detectors installed in every unit and along the hallways. They can send an alarm to the security personnel so they can contact the nearby fire station and also assist the people to evacuate from the area. There is also a sprinkler system that will automatically turn on when the fire gets too rowdy.

Aside from safety and security, the Asia Tower also provides residents with ample recreational facilities. If you go to the fifth floor of the building, you will find all the recreational amenities of the Asia Tower. First, there is the open air swimming pool. Although not large enough to be considered a lap pool, it is actually big enough for when you and your family want to escape the heat of the summer sun. There is also a whirlpool Jacuzzi just in case you want to sit and relax as the jets of water massage your tired muscles.

On the fifth floor, you will also find the condominium’s fitness center. This gym is equipped with modern exercise equipment and a complete set of weights. You no longer have to spend money on expensive gym memberships as there is already a complete one right in your own home. The gym might not be as large as most commercial gyms but it is more than enough for most people to get themselves into shape.

The ground floor of the condominium is used by commercial businesses. There is a convenience store and a bank. This means you do not even have to go that far if you just need to run a couple of simple errands. In addition, the Asia Tower also provides laundry and housekeeping services. If you are too busy to wash your clothes and clean your place, let the pros do it all for you.

The amenities provided by the Asia Tower may seem lackluster if you compare them to those offered by other high-end luxury condominiums but they are actually more than enough for the common person. Besides, you are already getting a lot in terms of living in the middle of the Makati CBD. The amenities provided by the Asia Tower can just be treated as icing on the cake.

  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
  • Function Rooms
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