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The Asia Tower provides people with an affordable option to live in the middle of the Makati CBD. Regardless if you live alone, or if you have a small family to raise, there are units in the Asia Tower condominium that will fit your particular needs.

The main selling point of the Asia Tower is its prime location. If you work in Makati, you can kiss the gridlock Metro Manila traffic goodbye. If you live in the Asia Tower, you are literally just minutes away from your office building, regardless which one of the dozens of skyscrapers it is located. This means you will have more energy to focus on your work while still having plenty left in your reserves to spend with your family during the evenings. You will actually get to experience work-life balance when you live in the Asia Tower.

The amenities provided by the Asia Tower are pretty basic. There is a modest swimming pool and a gym. However, these amenities are more than enough for most people. In fact, you will already be getting quite a lot of benefits just by living in the Asia Tower, like spacious residential units, accessibility to invaluable public facilities, and lastly, being walking distance away from some of the best shopping malls in the Metro.

As of writing, there are only a few residential units left for sale in the entire condominium. However, if you are planning on just renting a unit, then rest assured that there are lots of different units that are being rented out by the owners.

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